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Hi! I'm Megan Lee

Photo Jul 12, 9 53 20 AM.jpg

Photography lives in the present. Life is fast and fleeting. We want to remember it while we're here, evolving and growing.


It is constant because there is always a moment to capture. I also love painting, crafting, cooking... basically any activity where I can use my imagination and hands at the same time, preferably with a pal because hey, I love people too. Art is an emotional experience, a record of moments, journeys, visions and feelings, expressed in millions of unique byproducts. 


This is a chosen career of creativity, love, people and Earth combined. I'm in love with color, flowers and friendship!

As a business professional my main goal is to honestly represent my clients. I'm interested in your stories, goals with stamina, and collaborating with clients to provide them with the photos they can truly cherish forever.


I'll never stop learning... about the planet, the people and all the other beauties that make up our unique existence. 



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