• Megan Lloyd

My First Baby

No, I didn't have a child!

A couple I knew had a new baby and discovered I recently started Honest Reflections, my own photography business. As a favor to get my portfolio started, they let me come to their home and take pictures with my new Canon 7D (which is a mac daddy piece of equipment, by the way.) Excitedly, I agreed.

What was one baby, now turned out to be 3 children. Learn by doing I told myself. If I learned one thing that day it was, children are so… unpredictable! I had my fastest clicks per second dialed in and ready to roll, knowing at any moment a smile could disappear. Fortunately, the kids were unbelievably adorable and I happened to find the perfect shade on a sunny day.

Reportedly, my first day on the job was indeed, the best first day I ever had.

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