• Megan Lee

A Very Dressy Relationship

Ever wonder what a day in the life of a bridal consultant is like?

Wait, they already made a TV show to tell you all about it called Say Yes to the Dress. I'm sure you've at least heard of it. Just like any reality cable show, segments have been carefully edited and pieced together to present an overall account of a bride to be on her hunt for the perfect wedding gown. It's entertaining and fun to watch.

But let's be realistic, a 30 minute show with commercials sure doesn't cover the hours upon hours that are spent taking care of every little detail so that a bride can walk down the aisle, wearing her best wedding dress. And for the everyday real life bride, sometimes a five thousand dollar budget includes the entire wedding. Buying the perfect gown on a budget is called a challenge!

Challenge accepted!

Not only do I conscientiously work with my bride's budget but I get to know her. I ask about her engagement and venue and any other detail she may want to reveal to me when her and I are alone in a dressing room. My time is spent paying attention to detail for likes, dislikes, multiple opinions and personalities, timing, colors, and cultures.

I've always wanted to be a consultant of sorts. I take pride that brides confide in me, looking to me for advice and feedback. To perform well as a bridal consultant, you must have extremely successful communication and maintain a steady level of patience. And at the end of the day, I remember laughter and tears of joy, smiles that emerged from within and all the pretty little things I got to play with at work. All because of a little thing we call love.

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