• Megan Lee

I Heart Hollywood

Don't we all?

We love the stories, the stars, the sagas and spirits. Truly, Hollywood has stunned us all at one time or another. It has continued to wow and stun me since my very first trip to the cinema. Between seeing whats going on behind the lens, or simply enjoying the picture on a silver screen, I'm all in either, or!

I once wrote a blog about my top 5 favorite movies.

My list has probably been modified since 2012 but if you kindly took the time to read that blog, you'll feel my old-fashioned-lady vibe. Women across the decades inspire me and millions of others, to strive to be our best, to adventure on and live, and to embrace all the love you find along the way. As a photographer, I get to take photos of all that I love as often as I pick up the camera.

And in this moment, my love, he felt so… "so Hollywood, baby. Yes!"

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