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Everything but White

The bride wore what?

My original thought here was to compile a variety of wedding traditions grouped by cultures around the world. If I ever want to write a book in the future maybe that should be the topic. Instead for a daily dose of wedding dress indulgence, let’s talk colors!

It’s easily found knowledge that in 1840, Queen Victoria began our white dress western bridal trends when she married Prince Albert. Since, we have had many iconic women to inspire us. Here are a few of the little tidbits I found in my research on colors of the wedding world.

Popular designers that supply white wedding gowns all over the globe have a palate of colors they design with: white, ivory, champagne, light gold, blush, alabaster, pearl, café, oyster, and pewter to name a few. Intriguing right? Yet, those are still so creamy, soft and light, aren’t they?

Several African cultures are married in the colors that represent their villages.

India tends to have immensely colorful ceremonies and parties, almost without restrictions.

Asian cultures such as the Chinese marry in red, the color of joy and luck. In Japan, a white kimono overlaps a red kimono underneath.

Middle Eastern cultures often wear green to inspire fertility.

Spaniard traditions involve conservative lace mantillas that represent the devotion they have to their husbands until death.

And let’s take it back to the 19th century when blue was popular because it stood for faithfulness.

Without getting into too many details of any serious tradition or the other, if you take a quick glance, each of these cultural differences represent or celebrate key elements in the survival of a healthy marriage. Peace, love, and happy marriages for all!

Queen Victoria in her wedding dress. Photo courtesy of Royal Collection

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