• Megan Lee

My Poetic Declaration to Photography

A photographer is merely a name for a painter with a different kind of paintbrush.

At my first attempt starting a photography business, I was obsessed with choosing the name that would represent my style, point of view and general attitude towards life. Naturally, I tossed around names for weeks which was a struggle because you can't very well start a business without a name for it. Plenty of opinions and bits of advice flooded my way as I jabbered on. One thing I figured from the start was that I had to narrow in on a niche.

Pick only one target market?


"It'll be a strong message to your clientele, let them know what product you're selling."

Good point. Except for the fact that I'm a) a multitask-er b) a dabbler and c) I don't do favorites unless we're talking about a latte from Starbucks. I'm an artists just like any other, my seasons change, faces exchange and life whirls around faster than the teacups ride. If I hone in on just one type of photography I'd stunt my own growth.

Arts in all their sorts; poetry, film, people, flowers, landscape, drama, details, animals and now weddings all interest me. Whoa! Is that too many colors of the rainbow? No way, there's white balance for that… I vow to be limitless in my ability to grow and I believe in the humbleness of honest curiosity.

So cheers! to the many wandering lens holders and view seekers out there! Maybe you will find yourself wandering a luscious garden with blossoming hues, flash bombing celebrities on the red carpet, or laying in a field for 13 hours hoping to capture one glimpse of an endangered species on film, the way I see it, we're all excited to do what it is we love. I can't recall a photographer that I have ever met who did not love their job.

"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." -Aristotle

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