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  • Megan Lloyd

Spring Challenge for Photographers

Around the age I turned 30, there’s this replay of events happening in my mind. Flashbacks of memories and moments popping up out of the blue. Sometimes it happened when I was just, riding along in my car, listening to the radio. Or I'd be cooking dinner and BAM! Continuously getting side swiped down memory lane, I began reflecting on how much life I have already lived and these coming of age feelings began to overwhelm me.

I wanted to bring in my 30th year with purpose. I had recently bought a new camera and begun a photography business but I needed a push to help me study and grow in my craft. After looking around for many inspiration ice breakers, I created my own 30 day photography challenge. Once I completed the challenge I ran it on my Instagram and had a really great time exploring my topics and my new found decade that I was beginning.

You don't have to turn 30 to enjoy a challenge like this. If you really want the challenge, I suggest making a list of your own and even changing it as you go based on inspiration! If you aren't interested in creating your own, you could try mine. Completing this self proclaimed challenge not only helped me grow as a photographer but it gave me the opportunity to enjoy my everyday life and appreciate the beauty and curiosity that exists in our day to day moments.

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