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It is still year 2 of my 5 year plan to become a flourishing, successful photographer. But like many photographers, I'm usually running into spurts of time that are void of any clients, events or simply a lack of inspiration or motivation. Photography is art, it is life in motion frozen and held to one moment of time and it takes a great deal of will power to muster up the courage to get out there and do your best. One of the items that I can attest to working on in these spurts of dull moments is, finding my inner voice as an artist and attempting to hone in on what subjects I love most.

What I've discovered in less than 2 years is my honest love of color. Bright objects like flowers always ignite my desire to take photos (anyone following my Instagram would have a straight giveaway on that.) A girl's beaming bright eyes or a boy with a delicate face are easy inspirations. Weddings... ahhh weddings. Don't we all enjoy the immaculately planned details, frilly whatnots, yummy desserts and wonderful people we meet? Sure, weddings are "the cake" of the business (like, they bring in the biggest bucks) but if you're not 100% set on turning your click click skills into bread, it can be a blessing to adopt diversity. You know, like, photograph other stuff too.

Another tidbit I've picked up along these trails is that I do not have to conform to the ways of others. Per my previous blog post, I'm not much for building the social media empire. I'm organic when it comes to bookings. If there is a job that someone needs done and it means busting out the ole 7D to do it, I'll be damned to turn it down... as long as it's interesting. Even if I don't get paid. Because, no bull shit, I really love doing it.

Respectfully, there are many photographers out there who have curated their brands and displayed their proudest work in a neatly wrapped little package with a perfectly tied bow on top. They make more money, book more weddings, pay for bold advertising and have oodles of great reviews online. But do they maintain their spunk? Do they honestly love every single minute of it? Did they alone, without help, build each and every block of that empire alone? Are all of their clients as wonderful, fun, spirited and kind as they so perfectly tailor them to be? Chances are that image could be a cover story.

Here's an image for you: Hot Mess. C'mon you know what I'm talking about... you. Or me. Sitting in our rag-doll outfits yelling at the laptop because our favorite shot is blurry. Us, avoiding the 100th text from an extremely choosy client who hasn't had their session yet. Social media, putting doubts in your head that every other photographer is better than you. The calendar, screaming in your face that you need to book more clients this year if you're gonna make it in this biz. Insecurities, creeping inside your beautiful mind convincing you of the worst case scenarios.

Let me bring it back around and say, being a hot mess is part of the job. It's truthfully part of any job. I just wish there was a little more honesty about it. A huge round of applause to those photographers out there who are killing it... with kindness, talent and dedication. Courage and inspiration are often expected to be whittled out of thin air and my friends, we all know that is easier said than done.

As I near the end of year 2 of this creative ride to being my best self, the best photographer I can be, I will leave you with this: your best can only be measured by you and who you are, who you want to be and how far and wide you want to take it. In the end, there will be love for you no matter what, so keep up the good work.

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