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Honoring A New Year

Never underestimate your friends to be your first clients. I read that somewhere and to this day, it still rings true. My first important (and paying) client came to me through a referral who was a mutual friend. My client was also a great acquaintance of mine who was in the midst of kicking off her own business. That’s the great part about creative minds, they thrive on other creative ideas and when you bring them together, that’s when the magic happens. Never underestimate the power of working together.

My client hired me for a series of five sessions that would ultimately be used to curate her brand and sell her product to interested buyers. This gave me some commercial and product photography to add to my budding portfolio. A couple Pinterest boards later and you’d call me a pro at white boxing!

You’re probably asking, okay so what was the product? I’m so glad you asked! It is called The Family Honor Plate, a ceramic plate that you paint, bake and eat all your fabulous family dinners on together. Sounds like an at-home version of color me mine doesn’t it? Close, but this product is so much richer in value in the fact that it brings families and friends together to celebrate what we may take for granted as we go through life. Values including patience, kindness, self-control, faithfulness, gentleness, peace, joy, love and goodness are among those that The Honor Plate encourages.

A special twist that makes this product even keener is the little table thyme cards that are used to bring real life meaning to this plate. Each card has a different task or topic to discuss at mealtime. An example might be for the card holder to tell each person at the table why they are grateful for them. For children especially, this can build character, self-confidence and even social skills.

My job was to create scenarios in which The Honor Plate would be most beneficial, bring the scene to life and showcase ways the plate could be used. For the first time, I was allowed to ignite curiosity and creativity and then bring it to life for others to use and enjoy.

Beginning my photography career wasn’t easy. It took guts, patience, faithfulness, self-confidence, strong character, social skills, joy, love, kindness and all of the great principles this product stands upon. It was the beginning development of my own portfolio with such a meaningful product and dedicated client. I was fortunate to be taught so early in the process that being a photographer isn’t just about taking pictures. Clients, subjects and events rely on me to portray a specific message, design a day from start to finish, make people, nature and products look their best and then present fully furnished results. Because of this I am now confident that I can offer a variety of creative photography services and that my limits are only those I put upon myself.

If you’d like to purchase your own Family Honor Plate craft kit, please visit www.honorplate.com and show your support for good people who bring amazing products to life like owner and founder, Michelle Weber and other kindred spirits like hers. Thanks, Michelle. You’ll always be my number one.

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