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Why Real Estate Agents Should Hire Professional Photographers

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

In recent years the housing market has been picking up with accelerated speed, especially here in my homeland, Charlotte, North Carolina. Most prospective buyers do a little research on their own in the marketplace for available properties. They do this by searching the MLS and popular websites like Realtor.com, Zillow, or their affiliated broker's website, all which post their available listings online. But the one important thing that buyers are searching for are photos. If your home's photos are good enough to entice a buyer, did you know that they formulate an opinion in the first 8 seconds upon entering your home?

Since the attention span of a prospective client is nearly instantaneous, it is always recommended to first present your home with the most flattering photos possible. In today's technologically advanced world, many brokers will use their cell phones and tablets to capture a home's listing photos but there are many disadvantages to this practice. It may seem expensive to hire a professional photographer, but a skilled professional can highlight attributes better with a high quality camera than a mobile device can. Here's why.

Although the cameras are more advanced than ever on cell phones and other devices, they do not offer the advanced editing capabilities that a professional can. Wide angles, bright lighting and frame composure are all important aspects to consider when displaying listing photos. It instills confidence to clients in the sale of their home, demonstrates professionalism and provides top quality marketing capabilities to agents. Brokers can use these photos for social media marketing as well. Often times when photos are taken on personal devices, they are cropped ineffectively, cannot be lightened or come out blurry. A good photographer will edit each photo with consistency and make sure that the property is represented in a way that says, "you want to buy this house, come take a look for yourself."

As a photographer, I understand these are elements necessary to sell my services and products in any situation, but as a newly licensed North Carolina broker, I also know the importance of what it takes to market a home with the most effective measures available. My goal is to help my fellow realtors in achieving personal success and ultimate success for their clients which inevitably means, getting houses SOLD! If you're considering selling your house or you're an agent who has obtained a new listing, consider hiring a professional photographer and watch how much faster interested buyers flock to your open doors!

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