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Awareness For Human Trafficking Is A Battle

In honor of July 30th as International Human Trafficking Awareness Day

When a business generates 150+ billion dollars a year and stands second to the most profitable criminal game in the world, you have to wonder... who are the customers? This is by far my most pressing question when it comes to human trafficking. Find the customers, eliminate the problem... or can we? Is the world so sick and twisted and dark and hidden that eliminating these ill minded humans is near impossible?

Human trafficking is a very delicate subject and one that very few are interested in discussing, exploring or assisting to end. The horrors that are contained within those two words is too gruesome for most to stomach. However, if we are going to coexist in a world where, "even one life matters" then I think it's time for everyone to pay attention.

Let me start with a few basic facts. Human trafficking can come in many forms and affect all ages. Some of the ways humans are trafficked include:

-Slave labor for undocumented/illegal persons which means low wages, poor housing conditions and lack of food and clean water. This situation can occur in any country and yes it is happening in the United States. Consider an illegal immigrant who has escaped violent conditions or the child of a poor family who is sold to someone for a debt. That debt has the illusion that it will be repaid through labor when in reality, these people become prisoners for life, never paying off their debt and being too afraid to speak out for fear of deportation or fear they could be killed or disposed of by their so-called, owners.

-Sex trade is probably the most familiar form of human trafficking to the average person. This includes children (even newborns) and adults and both sexes from any nation worldwide that can range from intermediate family who traffic their own children (most common), private pimping and escorts to brothels in disguise, the porn industry (private or public), and online connections through the dark web or public forums. The United States of America is the number one consumer of pornography in the world. So when I propose the question, who are the customers... the answers are horrifying. They are teachers, police officers, judges, lawyers, politicians, celebrities, coaches, journalists, newscasters, public figures, pastors, truck drivers and are male or female. Basically, it is any and every kind of person so it is very imperative to pay attention.

-Organ harvesting and breeding farms are another form of human trafficking. Organs are sold on the "black market" or through private organizations. Breeding farms are just what you might picture; women who are held hostage to reproduce children which will later be sold or sacrificed. A book called, "Never Let Me Go" is a great fiction to wrap your mind around the idea. If you research John of God, he was known for breeding women for years before he got caught but he recently was somehow released from prison. Oprah was a good pal of his. From what I gather, China is one of the worst culprits of organ harvesting in the world but it happens everywhere. Here in America, aborted baby fetuses are sold for scientific experiments and vaccine production. HEK293T cells (human embryonic kidney cells) were used in the testing of the newest mRNA covid shot. However, they don't disclose the actual ingredients of what is in those shots so no one really knows. How can one have informed consent if one does not have a list of ingredients? In truth, that means this shot is in violation of the Nuremberg code but that's a discussion for another day.

With that being said, I want to now layer in another element that is extremely prevalent and has been covered up for generations: ritual abuse, satanic ritual abuse and pedophilia. This is really where the details get gruesome but I won't go into such detail. What I will say is that, through my research it is quite clear that anyone who's anyone that has tried to come forward, initiate court hearings, speak to the press and uncover the truth either regarding their own abuse, the abuse of their children or the abuse of others has been heavily silenced, murdered, or slandered so badly that their credibility has become zero in the eyes of the public. Celebrities, politicians and the music industry is heavily infiltrated with satanic ritual abuse which is a good reason why they go to extensive lengths to keep it buried and "debunked." For a recent testimony (2019-2020) that covers these topics, please read this free book by Fiona Barret:

What people fail to understand is that the police force, judges, child protective services, government officials, lawyers, psychiatrists and doctors all play a role in covering up these horrendous crimes. Working together, they protect each other through the investigative process. Let's use Britney Spears as a very recent, well-known example. Either they have been threatened, paid off or are partaking in the crimes themselves. Witness testimony from children gets discredited, people who come forward with survival stories are mocked or said to be unstable, crazy and therefore unbelievable and others who have went through with actual prosecution have been struck down by the system and often, charges go in the reverse direction and the victim becomes the punished by the courts. Children who come forward get blamed for fabricating stories and it is very common that the abusers of children threaten them, keeping them silent. A recent article just released from the New Yorker touches on the subject of foster children in the system who are placed with pedophiles:

This concept is not a new one and has been heavily protected for generations. Pedophiles run rampant, large rings all over the world and human trafficking customers are compromised individuals who hold important positions in our society and are lurking in every corner. Remember, it is a 150 billion dollar business and it is probably more than that at this rate. Children are by far, the biggest commodity and it is said that 800,000 children go missing every year. Where are they? A recent story came out regarding over 800 bodies in unmarked graves were found at 2 schools for indigenous children in Canada:

Many of my disassociated friends and family scoff or turn their heads when I try to approach this subject. I understand, it is not an easy thing to swallow for decent, caring human beings. One of the reasons I am more passionate about this topic in the year of 2021 now more than ever is this: if the general consensus is "let's save even one life" e.g. coronavirus, black lives matter, etc. Then what about the millions of lives that we are ignoring and failing to save that lurk in these shadows of human trafficking? Why are we allowing false idols that promote satanic music, drink the blood of youth as a drug and sexually abuse and murder children to have a mouthpiece and fame in our society? Better yet, how can we allow people in our government to get away with this? For starters, because we have been duped and have no idea that these things are going on because they have done a wonderful job at distracting us.

As a disclaimer: if you're going to deny that these things are possible, that pedophiles are a small percentage of the population, that people in official positions are completely innocent and this is a bunch of hogwash then in my book, you're guilty until proven innocent. And that includes women because they are some of the worst perpetrators and are by no means not involved. The FBI released a set of code symbols that identify pedophilia and once you know, you will see these symbols everywhere. They are on your kids diapers from Target, in the shows they watch, on the toys they play with and so much more. Here is the FBI document that shows the symbols:

Several people have come forward with evidence that points to prominent figures who may be involved in the sale of humans, pedophilia and ritual abuse. These people have been slandered, their careers ruined, and completely censored from all social media platforms. The media labels their evidence as "conspiracy theory" and spins stories and documentaries on popular channels like HBO to "debunk" these theories. Pizzagate is a well known place to start. The Wayfair scandal was another... of course it was "debunked" within 24 hours without a proper investigation. To delve into this topic on how politicians and celebrities (Hollywood) rule the trafficking world, watch this documentary, it will open your eyes!

The sad truth is that I could go into detail forever on this topic but instead, I will cut it here and leave you with the provided options to explore. Be warned, guard your heart and armor yourself with the light of the Lord. This deep dive is not for the faint of heart but I believe it is important to be aware of the world we are truly living in.

And for my last request, please open your eyes with awareness. Your child could one day become a victim to a predator of this nature and it is with my full heart that I pray it is never someone that you know or love.

Last year on July 30, 2020 I attended a small demonstration and photographed the brave people who are out there getting loud for this cause!

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