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I Have Arrived

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

About a year ago, a time in which the world encompassed itself with fear of the unknown, I took a deep breath and told myself, something is not right with this. I, like many, was just navigating my way through a 3 dimensional realm of systematic living. I rarely questioned why things were the way they were, I merely accepted them and tried to live my life as kind and open hearted as I knew how.

In the beginning of the madness, as the pandemic enslaved itself upon us, I was nervous for about 2 weeks. After all, nothing like a global shut down had ever happened before so it felt as though we should be taking new policies and procedures seriously. Two weeks was all it took for me to start diving into information I might never have discovered.

There are people who call what I am about to explain; waking up. Others call it "being red pilled" while some that are higher in the spiritual consciousness may refer to it as ascending or ascension. In a clear cut manner, you may simply refer to it as consciousness.

You could say my first questions about the truth began when the livelihood of the entire planet was in question. Businesses were closed, people were labeled non essential workers, the public parks became off limits and at that bit, I started losing my marbles. What with so much time to spare, no work to do and being cooped up in my house with 3 other adults and 2 dogs, I had a lot of curiosity brewing.

Why was this virus so deadly? When would we open again? Who were these people to say we were not allowed to do "this" or "that" and then I became angry. During this time, I suppose you could say I took one of my first "red pills." I started diving into YouTube videos and some of the things I discovered horrified me. It would likely take me a year to connect every dot for you so I'll sum up the topics that surfaced that began the unraveling of so many questions to be answered, followed by sadness and emptiness, followed by feeling a sense of loss and being lost, and finally to figure out what it all means and what to do with it.

So, in summary, once I started cracking open Pandora's box and deep diving into what insecure folks love to call rabbit holes, I discovered a whole new world--and not one I was fond of. I discovered darkness and evil unlike any I had ever imagined. But this story has a very happy ending and ultimately what I discovered was the light and so much to be grateful and excited for.

For months and months I racked my brain full of new information regarding politics, global world order, spiritual energies, Earth and it's natural resources including water and holistic elements of the healing world... but I also discovered the darkness of human trafficking, genocide, indoctrination, vaccinations and extreme agendas that were playing out before our very eyes. I tried to stay as neutral as possible to avoid conflict but alas, conflict ensued and I "lost" what I thought at the time were to be several "good" friends.

My personal relationships were deteriorating in every direction but my mind was becoming sharper, more informed... my spirit was waking up to new levels of consciousness that I had no idea even existed. I was learning about frequencies and manifestation... how to upgrade my DNA through meditation practice, sound healing, reiki energy and connecting with source. Source is One energy, the Christ consciousness.

During this last year I took actions that became available to me so that I might have a hand in changing the fate of our seemingly desolate outcome: enslavement. Never had I been a political person but I joined a candidate's campaign and learned about policies and histories. I started learning more about trafficking: what it was, areas where it existed, organizations and people who were fighting against it and how it is the biggest business in the world right after the drug trade.

Amidst all of my efforts to better the world, I watched society crumble before my eyes. Riots, racism, hatred, division, censorship, brainwashing, fear mongering, virtue signaling, public shaming, and criticisms of every kind seem to be everywhere you looked. I knew there was a better way to navigate these tricky waters than to jump on any of these boats. I stayed true to my inner light and I began the process of healing my traumas so that I could present myself to the world the way I was wishing everyone else would show up to the party.

My biggest takeaway during this last year has been to take responsibility for myself. I have always been a pretty reliable, responsible person but I decided that if I was going to say something, I wanted to know that what I said held accountability. If I was going to have an opinion, I would back that up with viable actions. I started telling hard truths, becoming more frank, manifesting my desires through the universal frequencies and taking control of my own life. I became sovereign, brutally honest and unapologetic. Space and energy was devoted to my empathic tendencies but I was no longer allowing the projections of others to determine my mindset.

Taking full responsibility for yourself requires diligence and commitment. Holding yourself higher than others, living in duality, judgement and fear are all chains that I needed to break. Duality claims our life in the third dimension. Consider how we label our thought: right or wrong; good or evil; hot or cold. In the higher consciousness, duality doesn't exist. One energy is an equal light source for all and it doesn't discriminate. It is when we fully own every decision, thought, and action of ourselves that we can truly be free and admit our lives are exactly how we have designed them.

I have always been an advocate of change. If something isn't working, find out why. If you don't like your schedule, rearrange your life. If you don't like your job, take steps to finding a new one. If you're unhappy in your relationship, what are solutions to mitigate that? If you find yourself surrounded by people you cannot communicate effectively with, hang out with a new circle. These are just basic examples. However, by taking responsibility for your creation, you can ultimately co-create a new life that is more in line with your highest self.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what information I have learned in regards to making sure the whole entire world knows it. What does matter is that I have been able to arrive at my own conclusions. I have seen the light of the new dimension that we have shifted into as a collective. I'm early to the party because I woke up with the early risers. But then again, I am always the first to arrive, early for my shift or opening my eyes before the alarm clock. While I wait for others, I can continue to manifest a higher conscious collective for all. I can fight Earthly battles with holistic remedies and principles. I can spread love and joy. It was a long journey and I am human after all and even so, it feels good out here.

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